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Attack On Titan VR: Fan Game made in Unreal Engine for PCVR

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THE QUEST VERSION IS DOWNLOADABLE BELOW AS AN APK, YOU MAY ALSO INSTALL THE GAME USING SIDEQUEST: https://sidequestvr.com/app/6399/attack-on-titan-vr-fan-game-quest-port

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Gameplay from AOT fans all around the world:

NOTE: footage you see is outdated as the game is constantly getting worked on


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Attack On Titan VR : Fan Game 5.8.3 for PC VR Main Download
Attack On Titan VR : Fan Game 5.8.3 for PC VR Mirror Download
AOT:S VR STANDLONE QUEST ONLY Ported To Quest Update 6 482 MB

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Why isn't the quest version updated?

2 more weeks!

You're updating it in 2 weeks? can't wait for it! Will update the sidequest page too?

have patience man, 2 more weeks.

I love this game so much. closest i can get to aot. is this game still being worked on? id hate to think it wasnt. good work


I like your game. But in-game hand position is different from the real hand position. Can I adjust it?


how do i create an account when the website the signup button sends me to isn't loading in?

you don't

I get an error with the latest build saying that StackWalk2 could not be found in a certain system dll.

just download that file online.

ok i fixed the problem but i was wondering if you could package the latest version of the game into an apk and add it to the itch.io page instead of uploading it to sidequest.  i know how to sideload apk files so I would just need the apk

Can you add a option to switch the left joystick movement to the right joystick? Im left handed, so having it on the left joystick is unnatural, as Im usually using that hand to slash. (This game is awesome, keep at it!)

Sadly this game is made for ambidextrous people(who can use both arms).

I can, but the walking is difficult for me with my left hand, could you just add a simple setting to switch the walking to the right hand?


When will the rumbling be added to the quest version and other maps like on pcvr? 

(I love your game btw it's my dream vr game)

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i don't know how to get on it but its downloed

i am on the stand alone quest 

Go on unknown sources in your library and the game should be there

Slavka i love your game is the best in VR, i just feel alone cause its nobody other than me there, will it come a Multiplayer Version it will be so fun, maybe also with a kickstarter campaign im sure the community will help you

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Wait for NPC update. I will let official title get the multiplayer stuff done . Because maintaining servers non commercially is not neutral on the finance side.

Ah ok I understand

I will wait your NPC update, you are doing an amazing job, the controls are so elaborate that feels more like a simulator than just a game๐Ÿ˜

Loving the game so far, keep up the great work. Do you have any plans for an online version or a Campaign? Because you know shitting bricks after running out of gas in Titan country is funny but would be way funnier with friends watching scream harder that Eren. Also would like to know if there any plans for the npcs? Thanks for the great and hard work!!! 

campaign  and npcs yes, just need to make lots of overseas content first

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Could you add the newest version to app lab please I donโ€™t have a pc i really want to play the new version it looks awesome!

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No , only those who hold copyright can do that.

ok what about side quest you did it with the other version

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What are you talking about ? I did not do that.

the standalone quest version 

I did not do that.


for some reason i keep getting a unreal engine 4 error anytime i try to open, im playing on r5 3600 and a 6650xt, i launched the game with steam vr and i also tried downloading the mirror download but it still wont work

go to the Appdata / local/ attackontitanvr and delete everything there , to reset options back to DirectX 11 . 

You are welcome

thanks it worked but for some reason the aa is very bad and im getting around 20 fps in game, i had the same performance on my old 1060 so is there any way to fix the performance issue?

play without AA . And change settings around . also focus on the game window if it's unfocused


One of the best vr games I've played, keep making it better!


ive downloaded the files but where to play it


you must extract the game using winrar or 7zip

using an oculus rift s on a nividia gtx 1060 16gb ram and the game is extremely lagging even on the lowest settings how do i fix this or is it just my computer

get a better gpu like rtx 2070 , rtx 2070 S  or better

how much frames per second do you get ? I need exact number


Your 1060 is showing it's age.

Hi. Great game, but I have an issue. Few minutes in the game, and my body disappears, also the physics is messing up, and it is like I am floating. Then it comes back after a while, and back to mess again. On my computer screen the game jumps between full screen mode and windowed mode. I play the pc vr version with oculus link. I can't figure out what causes this.

download the 5.8.3 version

every time I tried to download something it showed nothing shown in the tutorial to download the game. It said (this is in my own words) "not able to search this file." every time. and when I clicked "download anyway" it did not work. If someone can help me PLEASE help me.

obesely the game has a lot of work ahead of it so i went in with that in mind and i have to say im really loveing it so far. only major ish  thing ive had issues with is optimization. i see people running it like butter on youtube but have yet to make mine play as well. i will be looking forward to future updates as i know this game will only get better as it already has so much potential in its current early state. keep up the amazing work devs!!!

Game looks good, and feels even better. But unfortunelly there is still a long way to make this game playable. PCVR game is lagging a lot on r7 5800x3d&rtx3060ti rn. Using Virtual Desktop and playing wireless (which in other games like alyx is ultra comfortable) is not optimized. Menu button on left controller opens steamvr/virtual desktop menu - right controller opens oculus menu - so it is not possible to open a in-game menu. Game is loading once, when I close it or it crash - i cannot run it untill I delete directory and unzip it again. Anyway nice work - i couldn't believe that this is a fun project. I love this world and the mechanics -if it would be more smooth and runs better on my pc i would play it a lot :)


you didn't focus on the game first by clicking on it, turn on dlss , also if it runs terribly its your issue ,not the game's optimization issue. it's optimized , players with worse pc  record it no problem at max fps.


For some reason it won't let me download the game it just says, "Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time." Does anyone know how to help?

use mirror download link instead

how do I do that?

click other link for download

I bought this but dont know where to start the game when I hit on the file it just downloads another one

When does it support the quest 3 ?

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oculus pcvr is supported since build 1

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What are the specs required on pc to run the game? And to run it good or decently...

I would recommend buying Intelยฎ Core™ i9-14900KF ,Corsair 64GB DDR5-6000 Vengeance RAMAsus GeForceยฎ RTX 4090 24GB TUF   PC or anything similar

quest 3 crashing before even gettiing in  hit play and start tutorial and then it crashes im using sidequest and this keeps happening

quest 3 support isnt here yet

i have a quest3 and the standalone Version installed via Sideloader, after starting Tutorial, the Game crashes instant

i cant reduce the lag in Graphics settings because it lags so much that i cant even get the backpack out

How do you log in to the thing that is behind you when you enter the game?

you don't

could you add jaw titan? you dont need to its just a request.

when loading in shiganshina it says go to options and there spawn titans but the option to spawn them is nowhere to be found, got it over sidequest bcs I dont have to connect to my pc like that but I decided to question it here bcs on the sidequest the last comment is 2 years old. thx for help


can u add a teleportation system in the game


this is not dragon ball game with instant transmission or similar

im on a 4070 and i7 still my game lagging but not to much its smooth most of the time

lower open world generation settings in the backpack menu

How do u tell which wall AKA district u are in

You start the game inside the center of wall sina walls

Is There A Way To Get Older Builds

ask on discord server

Hello I downloaded the game on my Android device (version 11) and installed it, but when I entered the game it took me out without working and I did not know the reason for the error. Please help me.


it's a vr(virtual reality) game not a phone game. You have to have vr hmd(virtual reality head mounted display) to play it. like quest 3 , valve index and a vr(virtual reality) capable pc(personal computer) to  run it

Best ๐Ÿคฆ Facepalm GIFs - find & share on Gifer

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im playing pc vr and I just got the game and I love it, but I do not know what to do so im just heading south through the districts. I wish that there was a tutorial , is there one?

I played the quest version so i got a basic idea, but its confusing just to be thrown in the middle of wall sina. 

please help!

I would also like to know seems impossible to find your location I dont have any idea where Im at. Does all the cities look the same or can you find the boulder in Trost that Eren placed or what?

Is there bosses and if so where are they located also been using compass how do you tell which city you are in? Game is absolutely amazing by the way.

access them trough backpack menu

There is no backpack.  All I get is a bow.

grab behind your waist, ik its weird

What download should I click for my quest 2? And I don't have a pc, i just need you to tell me pls

quest only one

i cant open signup its broken pls help takes too long to load

such functionality was removed

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cool so can you just tell me if I can download this game from my chrome book to my quest 2? And if so how.

ask this question in discord server

plus, I'm dying to get a aot game and this is my first choice.

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In the other games they just killed titans,but from what I have heard  you can ride a horse,shoot cannons,flip mid air,and titan shift in this game.

also fly airships , travel the whole Paradis island and the areas beyond(it's infinite /procedural). more things are going to come in upcoming update

where are the airships?

spawn menu

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