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PCVR Attack On Titan Fan Game Made With UE4 Engine

Discord's server link:                                                     https://discord.gg/mZwaVHXmYe

Download the PC or the Quest VR games down below, or if you prefer, you can download the quest port from sidequest itself:

Trailer for 5v3 (Outdated)

Latest builds now include :

-Main Menu
-Voice acting for characters
-Titan Shifting (Every shifter shown before season 3)
-Various locations(forest, sequoia forest, wall, city, some fields, boot camp, etc.)
-Manual spawning of titans(you can set up custom spawns)
-Spectator camera (on desktop)

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Click download now to get access to the following files:

AOT:S VR PC ONLY VR Build 5v6_3 (experimental)
AOT:S VR PC ONLY VR Build 5v5 855 MB
AOT:S VR STANDLONE QUEST ONLY Ported To Quest Build 6 482 MB
AotVr_By_Slavka_Build_5v4 (OLD) (OUTDATED) 745 MB

Development log


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Can you please add s3 and s4 titans?

i've got a 2070 super but for some reason the game keeps lagging even when i turn the graphics all the way down. is there a solution to my problem? i enjoy the game but the lag is making it unplayable when it starts getting worse.

i've got a amd rx 580 and for some reason I can play test wih the  Game engine and a standalone game running +recording at the same time so I think it's a driver issue on your side or something it should run really good.

yeah that makes sense. i recently updated my drivers and now it plays a lot smoother. though i've noticed a problem where, if i'm in titan form and i'm running, i'll just randomly stop and i have to build up speed again. thanks.

this one is because the floor and map are designed kinda poorly. this happens because of a change in elevation so you can go down no problem but if you go back it counts it as going up stopping your character.

is there an option to disable fall damage


,just avoid it

fair enough

How to kill titan as titan

probably the best aot vr game but the render distance on the new build is terrible plus the water graphics are messed up if this is a bug someone please tell me

Add a way to tone down the graphics this is impossible to load, A foliage slider is a must and maybe add the quest map to pc so people with lower end pcs can play it at higher fps

How to shift in the eren founding titan

you cant

Titan shifter in multiplayer 0-0


Amazing game! The only thing that's atrocious is the weird angle of the blades (Index controllers). Adding a variable to customize the angle of the blades should do the trick. Keep up the good work.

are you the same Cangar that taught me all there is to know about Skyrim VR, or are you an imposter?


slow motion won't work for some reason


you have to change the slow motion thing in the backpack settings to anything below 1

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Having a problem with spawning Titans. Had this game for about a month now and I've been having a blast slaying Titans. But now for some reason when I open my backpack there is no spawn menu. I've tried reinstalling the game but that hasn't worked.

Solved: I know I just posted this only a few minutes ago, but I solved my problem.

Solution: For anyone wondering, all I had to do was play through the training; I was messing around in the menu and I guess I reset my level, which appears to be connected to being able to spawn Titans.

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can somebody help me with spawning titans from options  because i cant spawn them form options its annoying help

What do you mean by you can't spawn them from options? When you grab your backpack from your left shoulder, go to spawn tab and click on 'Spawn', does nothing happen?

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can you please change the download file to be a windows zipped file and not a .rar  no one in their right mind uses .rar  anymore, thank you :3

Except everybody uses .rar Offers better and faster compression than zip files and better decompression speed also.

Will there ever be any more titan shifters?

Yaw titan will be added in the future

How to ride on horse? 

Grab saddle and pull yourself up

when will it be ready?

No release date

when do you think we can expect multiplayer? A week? A month? A year?

1 or 2 months.

I’m so excited for that!!!!

it's not letting me open it, it just opens an internet browser and I press to open it doesn't do anything.

For some reason i cant spawn titans, the spawn option does not even show up


Great game but holy shit, add a foliage slider. It's nearly unplayable outside the walls because the grass is so fucking dense and so unoptimised. Either add a foliage slider or at least cut down on how much grass there is outside the walls. There's no reason to have even half that much grass, it's Attack on Titan, we're meant to be flying around with ODM gear. With the state it's in now, I can barely see what I'm doing between my headset having to stop and load and the grass being so dense and messy

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hey developers. here is a little idea for the beast titan.

as the beast titan, you can go find rocks placed around the map and pick them up and crush the boulder into smaller pieces. depending on how many times you crush it.

then you use it to throw at titans or humans.


The gameplay is pretty good, although the graphics kill me. When ever I load into the game the anti aliasing looks terrible, I even tried to fix it in the settings but no effect.


how do you activate the rumbling?

How I get off from the horse? Stuck on it ahahah

grab the saddle and pull yourself off


what future stuff are planned??? Please don’t stop making this! This is insanely epic as it is

this is an awesome game and was blown away by how authentic it was, thank you so much for making it quest compatible 


this is an incredibly good game that i have somehow put 11 hours into in my week of playing


How to activate the rumbling

so uh how does multiplayer wor


Does not work yet, the ui in place is placeholder and are gonna work only in build 7 and above

Ah ok


why money

Its free


no its not why cant i play it then 

Its free


and why does it say that i need to put my credit card in

just press "no thanks,take me to the downloads"

the game is free.

how do I check the windows mixed reality bindings ?

it's really good but could you also add titan abilities like hardening and zeke's throw because when in a titan there is a lot of spare buttons and some titans just kinda feel the same thx

They are all planned.

ok thanks

Hello Guys, i cant play multiplayer with my friend. Also i download Hamachi to try it as Local, but it didnt worked

I know we tried it with hamachi and didnt work for us too we dont know how to fix it right now, but in future it will be fixed like in build 7

And the rumbling please


Already a thing


Colosal titan Nuke please and the beast titan Roar pleas(new update)

just out of curiosity what’s the goal with this game? Is there a full game release set in stone?

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The main goal is multiplayer with a lot of game modes (pvp and coop), and a singleplayer story mode. 

is there multiplaye

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how do i get off of a horse

touch the grass don’t let go walk and let go at the same time 

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